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Reading: Identification of traditional Food Recipe of Sri Lanka


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Identification of traditional Food Recipe of Sri Lanka


R. Abeywardhana ,

Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, LK
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A.N.F. Perera

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Kuliyapitiya, LK
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Traditional food items are, made from locally available resources and culturally accepted. A study was conducted to identify traditional food recipes and their characteristics. Two hundred different traditional food recipes were identified by using a questionnaire. 139 different plant species and 7 animal species were used to prepare these recipes. Leaves (45%) and fruits (26%) were the commonly used plant parts in the recipes. Knowledge about 87% of the recipes had been obtained from relatives of the present and past generations. Out of 200 traditional food recipes 76 (35%) and 56 (28%)  recipes belong to curries and "mallum" respectively. Highest percentage (56%) of traditional food recipes were consumed the same day. Special local preparations such as " Kurukkal", “Hathmaluwa", “Kayan hodda", "Panie gruel", "Kiri gruel" and "Thambum curry" were also identified as recipes, prepared for special cultural events, diseases, preservation and special persons- Recommended. Cost of a traditional meal to suite Dietary Allowances (RDA) energy, protein, Ca and P was Rs.87.23, Rs.16.63, Rs.109.25 and Rs.28.53, whereas for modern meal it was Rs.109.58, Rs-103.24, and Rs.101.88 Rs.54.58 per person respectively. The popularization of traditional food ensures a low cost balance diet with the supply of additional nutrients lo humans.

AGRIEAST 2009 (8) p.1-10

How to Cite: Abeywardhana, R. and Perera, A.N.F., 2016. Identification of traditional Food Recipe of Sri Lanka. AGRIEAST: Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8, pp.1–10. DOI:
Published on 02 Jan 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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